Our games

MegaTechCorp (MTC) is a world leader in artificial intelligence, with a focus on military applications it researches and develops the latest in autonomous war robots. It’s newest hi-tech development code-named ‘bad robot’ is about to launch.

As a professional ‘loot man’ you’ve been hired to obtain four priceless items hidden away in long forgotten secret tombs and dungeons. The job wont be easy as the creatures that inhabit these places don’t take kindly to interlopers.

Elfventure is a short adventure game. Collect items and use them to progress, the goal is to find three specific items to prove you have what it takes to be a Christmas elf.

Created in the spirit of the times Lunar Escapes has you playing a stranded astronaut who needs to collect fuel for his rocket ship. The only problem is the fuel is deep inside a cave and everything and I mean everything wants to kill him.